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Custom Consultation

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Please Read Before Booking:

Due to high demand, we are currently only accepting customs from our waitlist.

If you are not on the waitlist and have not been contacted to schedule your consultation, do not schedule a consultation. Any consultations scheduled without being on the waitlist will be cancelled. To be added to the waitlist, or to check your place on the waitlist, contact us at

All customs require a minimum of at least $200. Customs in this bracket will be created by metalsmith Jessica.

All engagement rings, heirloom jewelry or wedding bands created by Lackadazee's head metalsmith, Lindsey, require a minimum of $1000.

More Information:

Each custom piece of jewelry, like all Lackadazee products, will be handmade using sustainable materials at the Lackadazee studio.

We specialize in sterling silver and gold. We do not work with plated or filled metals. We do not work with titanium or other non precious metals.

Due to the handmade nature of our items, there is a minimum three week lead time for all custom orders. Subject to change.

Please be aware that labor intensive orders may take longer. 

All appointments are scheduled for EST and must be conducted in person.

No call, no show consultations will be removed from the waiting list. 

Check out some of our past custom pieces HERE


Consultation Hours

Thursday | 11AM - 6PM

Friday | 11AM - 6PM

Saturday | 11PM - 4PM


Picture One: Lackadazee Studio & Jeweler's Bench

Picture Two: Custom diamond ring created from a family heirloom ring.

Picture Three: Custom diamond engagement ring (image @l_slierodriguez)

Picture Four: Custom sapphire and diamond engagement ring.