Natural Light Studio Rental
Natural Light Studio Rental
Natural Light Studio Rental

Natural Light Studio Rental

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 Use the Lackdazee natural light studio for your next photoshoot!

The Natural Light Studio is located on the second floor of our storefront.

Hourly rentals began at $50/hr, which includes the natural light studio (south west facing window), a full bathroom with a clawfoot bathtub (north east facing window) and a closet of props/materials (steamer, iron, curtains, etc). There is also a bed available upon request.

The Day Rate is a 5hr rental and includes everything listed above. If choosing a day rate, please contact us with what time you will be arriving.

Have questions? Want to schedule a time to check out the space? Read the "additional information" below and email us at


| Natural Light Studio Rates |

Hourly Rate $50/hr

Day Rate $180/5hr

Sunday - Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday - Friday 11am-6pm

Saturday 11am-4pm


| Additional Information | 


The Natural Light Studio has one South West facing window. The bathroom, where the clawfoot tub is located, has one North East facing window. Please keep seasonal daylight hours in mind when booking.


There is not a private entrance to the natural light studio. To access the natural light studio, one must walk through Lackadazee. Upon request, you may use our staff-only, back entrance to bring in customers or members of your team.


Please note that while the natural light studio is private, our metalsmithing studio + storefront is located directly below it. At times there may be machinery/music and other noises associated with a studio/storefront that may be audible at times. If you are doing a photoshoot that requires quiet (newborns, persons with auditory sensitivities, etc) please let us know and we will be happy to accomodate to the best of our abilities. Feel free to bring a bluetooth speaker and play music while you're shooting!


You are responsible for enforcing your own COVID restrictions while renting the natural light studio. Please keep in mind that while you are on the first floor of Lackadazee's store/studio you must comply with our COVID regulations. All photographers, models, customers, etc. must be wearing a mask at all times when they are not in the Natural Light Studio. Lackadazee reserves the right to terminate a rental if there is failure to comply with these terms.


Questions? Email us at