Permanent Jewelry FAQs


What does "permanent jewelry" mean?

Our metalsmiths will weld on a custom fit bracelet to your wrist using a painless, quick and easy process. Because the bracelet is welded on, it does not have a clasp and therefore will "permanently" stay on (until you decide to remove it or it comes off with time).


Can I remove my bracelet by myself when I'm ready for it to come off?

Yes! Should you want to remove your permanent bracelet, they can easily be removed at home with a common pair of household scissors.


How long will my bracelet last?

Weeks, months, years. This is dependent solely on the type of permanent jewelry chain, your lifestyle, job and other external factors. If your permanent bracelet breaks or stretches, Lackadazee will do our best to repair it.


What do I do if my bracelet breaks or stretches?

Don't panic. We choose delicate chains for their minimalist appearance and to prevent any injuries, should your bracelet get snagged on something. If your bracelet get caught on something and breaks or stretches, put it in a safe place and contact us for a repair. The first repair is free. Any repairs after will be $10 for each repair session. Additional charges may apply if chain or charms are severly damaged. CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A REPAIR.


What bracelet options do you have? Pricing?

Currently, you can choose from recycled sterling silver bracelets or recycled 14k solid gold, ranging from $55-$195. Check full list of options HERE.


Do you offer permanent necklaces or anklets? 

No. We have found that anklets do not last as long as bracelets. They tend to stretch over time and can be uncomfortable with certain types of shoes. We also could not find a way to make the process of putting on a permanent anklet accessible for all and therefore, we do not offer this option anymore.

For safety reasons, we do not offer permanent necklaces. While our chains are intentionally delicate so that they will break if caught on something, we do not want to risk the safety or comfort of our customers by welding something around your neck.


Can you take your permanent bracelet through airport security?

Yes! TSA does not ask you to remove fine jewelry when going through security. Our permanent bracelets have been at airports all over the world with no problem.


Do you do private events?

Interested in Lackadazee doing permanent bracelets at your next party or event? Contact us HERE. Perfect for birthdays, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, work events and more. Please note there is limited availability in scheduling and out of town requests will require an additional fee for travel & accommodations.


Do you do out of town events?

For a list of our out of town pop ups and events, click HERE. Email us at if you're interested in Lackadazee attending your next market or event. Please note that Lackadazee enjoys working the most with businesses and events that mirror our ethos and values of sustainability & ethical practices. 

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