Warranty & Repairs

Lackadazee takes pride in all of our handcrafted jewelry.

Read below to see if your jewelry is covered by Lackadazee's warranty.

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Warranty Reminders: Please note that our warranties only cover manufacturing defects and do not cover loss, theft, negligence or normal wear & tear. We reserve the right to charge for any repairs that are due to normal wear & tear, negligence or that fall outside of our warranty time frame. Any repairs, customizations or work done on Lackadazee jewelry done by a third party jeweler will automatically void all warranties. *Lackadazee is responsible for determining whether an item is eligible for a repair covered by our warranty.   

Non-Special Occasion Jewelry:
All Lackadazee jewelry is backed by a one year guarantee. If an issue arises with your Lackadazee piece due to manufacturing* within a year from the date of purchase, Lackadazee will repair or replace your item with no additional charge.
Contact us at lackadazee@gmail.com or call 502-242-7414 for assistance.
Special Occasion Jewelry:
All special occasion rings are backed by our lifetime warranty. 
If any issue arrises with your special occasion item at any point, Lackadazee will cover all costs associated with the repair and will replace accent stones (if the issue is due to manufacturing*).
Our warranty excludes repairs needed due to negligence, loss, theft or normal wear and tear.
Lackadazee offers a complimentary annual check-up on all special occasion jewelry. Check-ups include a cleaning, polishing and setting checks. Missing an annual checkup will result in the voiding of our special occasion jewelry warranty.
Contact us at lackadazee@gmail.com or call 502-242-7414 for assistance.
Permanent Jewelry:
Our permanent jewelry is backed by a two week guarantee. Should an issue arise with your permanent jewelry within two weeks of the purchase date, contact lackadazee@gmail.com or call us at 502-242-7414.
Any issues that arise outside of the two week period will not be covered by our warranty.
Need a repair? We got you.
Contact us at lackadazee@gmail.com with your name, order number (4 digit number on receipt) and reason for repair to start the repair process.
All items must be received and assessed by Lackadazee before it can be determined whether the items is under warranty and eligible for a complimentary repair. If an item is not under warranty, there may be an additional fee associated with the repair.
Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping items to Lackadazee for a repair, regardless of whether the item is under warranty.
Lackadazee will cover any shipping costs related to returning the newly repaired item back to the customer, if the item is under warranty.
If the item is not under warranty, an additional $6 will be added to the repair cost to cover the cost of shipping the item back to the customer.