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In an effort to keep our team & customers safe, we are appointment-only on Wednesdays & Thursdays (appointments are not need on the weekend).

Please Read:

- Masks are not mandatory. If you would like our staff to wear masks during the duration of your appointment, please contact us.

- Please reschedule/cancel appointment if you are feeling ill or have a fever.

- We ask that you bring a max of three guests to the appointment.

Questions? Email us at

Let's Get to Know Each Other

We ask your pronouns to help us make your experience at Lackadazee more enjoyable :) While not required or expected, you are welcome to share your pronouns when creating your appointment.

If you would you are bringing guests and they would also like to share their pronouns with us, please add that in the notes section of your order (box located underneath your shopping cart).

You can include any other information that might help us make your shopping appointment more enjoyable in the Notes section as well!


Open Hours

Sunday | Closed

Monday | Closed

Tuesday | Closed

Wednesday | 11am-6pm | Appointment Only

Thursday | 11am-6pm | Appointment Only

Friday | 11am-6pm | Walk-Ins Only

Saturday | 11am-4pm | Walk-Ins Only


Questions? Concerns? Click HERE to contact us.