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In an effort to keep our team & customers safe, we are moving to appointment-only shopping on May 20th. Please read the following information careful before booking an appointment. These appointments are for a private shopping appointment at our brick & mortar only. We will not be scheduling or providing permanent jewelry until we feel Lackadazee can provide the absolute safest conditions for such a close contact activity.

Lackadazee asks that guests who book a private shopping appointment...

- Wear a mask during their appointment.

- Give 48 hr notice if an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled.

- Please reschedule/cancel appointment if you are feeling ill or have a fever.

- Bring a max of two guests to the appointment with them.


What to Expect

- All appointments are one hour so you have plenty of time to shop.

- All Lackadazee team members will be wearing a mask and gloves.

- Any products that a guest touches or tries on will be placed in a dish to be sanitized before being placed back on the floor.

- After each appointment all surfaces will be sanitized prior to the next appointment.


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