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In an effort to keep our team & customers safe, we are moving to appointment-only shopping (Fridays are Walk-Ins Only, no appointments accepted). Please read the following information carefully before booking an appointment.

Lackadazee asks that guests who book a private shopping appointment...

- Wear a mask during their appointment.

- Give 48 hr notice if an appointment must be cancelled or rescheduled.

- Please reschedule/cancel appointment if you are feeling ill or have a fever.

- Bring a max of three guests to the appointment with them.


What to Expect

- All appointments are one hour so you have plenty of time to shop.

- All Lackadazee team members will be wearing a mask.

- After each appointment all surfaces will be sanitized prior to the next appointment.

Let's Get to Know Each Other

We ask your pronouns to help us make your experience at Lackadazee more enjoyable :)

If you would you are bringing a guests and they would like to share their pronouns with us as well, please add that in the notes section of your order (box located underneath your shopping cart).

You can include any other information that might help us make your shopping appointment more enjoyable in the Notes section as well!


Open Hours

Sunday | Closed

Monday | Closed

Tuesday | Closed

Wednesday | 11am-6pm | Appointment Only

Thursday | 11am-6pm | Appointment Only

Friday | 11am-6pm | Walk-Ins Only

Saturday | 11am-4pm | Walk-Ins Only


Questions? Concerns? Click HERE to contact us.