Community Clothing Swap

- Community Clothing Swap -

An annual event hosted by Lackadazee to challenge the global textile waste problem through community and connection.


How Does It Work? 

 Once a year, Lackadazee turns our courtyard into a totally free store. For one week leading up to the event, we accept contributions from our community of clothing, accessories and small home decor.

All contributions are sorted and organized, ensuring everything is clean and in good condition. Then our community is invited to come back and "shop" all the contributions for free during our weekend Community Clothing Swap event!


How Do I Participate?

Bag your gently used clothing (make sure they're clean!) + accessories and drop them off at Lackadazee, anytime from Sept. 26th - Oct. 7th.

There will be a bin labeled "Clothing Swap" on our front porch that will be available 24hrs a day for drop offs.

We ask that you drop your items off during the designated time, prior to the swap, so we have time to set everything up!

Then, come back and "shop" the clothing swap on October 7th - 9th! You can contribute as many items as you want to the swap and take home as many items as you want (we aren't keeping count).

There are no limits to how much you can take home how much you contribute!

Our only request is that you love the items you take home :)


What Can I Contribute?

Gently used shoes, purses, accessories, and clothing are all welcome.


All sizes are welcome.

All styles are welcome.

All genders are welcome.

All ages are welcome.


Please do not bring intimates, swimwear, or socks (unless new with tags)

Please do not bring anything with rips, holes, or stains.


Wait. So It's All Really Free?

Yup. It's all totally free.

If you want to pay it forward, we will be accepting donations at the time of the event to benefit

Kentucky Health Justice Network.

KHJN supports Kentuckians towards achieving autonomy in their lives and reproductive justice for KY communities. KHJN advocates, educates, and provides direct services to ensure all Kentucky communities and individuals have power, access, and resources to be healthy and have agency over their lives.

Learn more about KHJN HERE.



Interested in volunteering or have a question?

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