22g Nose Ring | Recycled Gold or Silver

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The minimal nose ring (8mm) in our classic Multi Hoop, infinity design.

Our multihoops are not like your average hoop. They are claspless and are designed to be put in and left in. We do not recommend removing the Multi Hoop frequently (or at all). The multihoop is designed to be worn for long periods of time.

Available in reclaimed sterling silver or 14k gold. Buy one silver hoop for $15 or two for $20. Buy one gold hoop for $25 or two for $40.

Directions: To open your multihoop, clasp each side of hoop's seam between your pointer finger and thumb. Apply equal pressure as you move the ends away from each other. Insert into piercing. Close by applying equal pressure and moving the ends towards each other. Be sure the seam returns to its original position. If your seam is not perfectly aligned it can cause discomfort.

Materials & Measurements: 22g wire made from american, sourced recycled Sterling Silver (nickel-free) or 14k Gold. Nose Ring measures 8mm across (inside diameter) Please allow for up to a .5mm difference in diameter sizes for each handcrafted hoop.

Details: Handcrafted in Louisville, Kentucky at the Lackadazee studio using sustainable practices. Due to the handmade nature of our items, there is a 4 week lead time on all orders.

Shipping & Packaging: All orders come packaged in eco-friendly materials. Click HERE for more information on our sustainable shipping practices & expedited/international shipping options.

Click HERE for return/exchange policy.

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